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That’s Not a Wave, That’s a Ripple…

Actually… yep, that’s a wave. Holy EFF! This freaking guy. His name is Carlos Burle. That might just be the biggest wave that anyone has ever ridden. About 100 feet? Unreal. That spot is Nazare in Portugal. Same place that … Continue reading

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Man Crush of the Week: Kelly Slater x’s Eleven

My man crush of the week, Mr. Kelly Slater. He is a surfing god. He just won his 11th World Title and is currently floating on top of the surfing world. Dude is just an animal on the waves. To … Continue reading

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Amazing Video: Surfer Chick Almost Eaten by a Giant Whale

USA Today – This video is going viral and has been featured on several national morning TV shows today. A bikini-clad female surfer and two people in a kayak are floating off Santa Cruz, Calif. — when two humpback whales … Continue reading

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Great White Bites Surfer in the Neck, and the Dude Lives…

Mercury News – Doctors treating a Monterey man who was attacked by a shark Saturday morning say he is in good condition, and was very lucky to survive. Eric Tarantino, 27, was surfing at Marina State Beach when he was … Continue reading

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Flare Surfing: Insanity on a Surfboard

Sometimes I feel like lobsters think I’m some insane photoshop genius that is constantly tricking you into believing the unbelievable. That, my friends, is not the case. I’m just a¬†normal dude that doesn’t even have photoshop (although, I crush Microsoft … Continue reading

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Shark Jumps over Surfer

No big whoop. Just spinner sharks jumping over surfers in Florida. It’s not in that pic above but here’s the video. If you surf…whatever, you know they’re out there, and you know the chances of getting bit are tiny. A … Continue reading

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Chargers Boardshorts: Awesome or Lame?

After grabbing a bite to eat at Wahoo’s, I went next door to Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla a couple days ago and saw these San Diego Chargers¬†boardshorts on the rack. I snapped a few pictures because I thought … Continue reading

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Billabong’s Inflatable Wetsuit is Pimp

Billabong has teamed up with Shane Dorian and created a wetsuit for big wave surfers that will inflate and bring the surfers back up to the surface of the water if they eat it on giant wave. This is just … Continue reading

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