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Lobshots Linked Up by BuzzFeed… Are We a Big Deal Yet?

Buzzfeed!? The answer to the headline is, “No, you’re just schmucks.” The End. -bp

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Chargers Fans In Oakland – BEWARE….

**THIS IS RE-POSTED FROM LAST YEAR — MY FEAR FOR CHARGERS FANS SAFETY IN OAKLAND REMAINS THE SAME, SO I’M RE-POSTING. GOD SPEED***   LA Times – Oakland Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask came to the defense of the team’s … Continue reading

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This Tattoo Has No Regrets

Funny, but I’m 99% sure this is a fake photoshop job. Nohing on the internet is trustworthy anymore. -bp [via]

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Denver Nuggets’ BirdMan is the New Face of PETA?

Ok? I guess? Seems a bit weird to have your slogan be “be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs” under the title: INK NOT MINK. I’m not knocking tattoos, if you want to get them… more … Continue reading

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Gigantic Poop Tattoo on Your Back? Not To Worry! LobShots to the Rescue.

VeryWeirdNews – Two trailer park residents in Dayton, Ohio are going to be battling this out in court over the next few months. Tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie … Continue reading

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The Craziest Before and After Mugshot Ever…

The Smoking Gun – Oft-arrested Michael Campbell was busted yesterday in Springfield, Missouri. The 36-year-old Colorado native, a convicted sex offender, was collared for coming within 500 feet of a playground or public pool, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s … Continue reading

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Raiders Fan?

TheAtlantic – Leader of Mara 18 street gang, Marlon Martinez, gestures while inside a maximum security cell within the Torre de Tribunales courthouse in Guatemala City on March 30, 2011. The gang members were sentenced to 47 years in prison … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’ve Got 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts on My Body…So What?

As a dude with zero tats, I’m absolutely fascinated by tattoos. If you’ve been reading LobShots long, you’ve figured that out. Meet Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic from Valparaiso, Chile, photographed on March 9, 2011. He’s a 56 year old newspaper vendor, … Continue reading

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A Harmless Little Mugshot

The Sun – With a sinister ‘666’ emblazoned across his forehead and horn implants sticking out of his head, this murder suspect poses for one of the most frightening mugshots ever. Caius Veiovis’ chilling face also includes spiked nose piercings … Continue reading

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Win a Free Trip to the Morgue! Worst MLB Promotion Ever.

On September 23rd, the much anticipated movie MONEYBALL starring the dreamy Brad Pitt and the even dreamier Jonah Hill will be released in theaters. Listen fellow Lobsters, I know a movie about baseball starring the aforementioned hunks sounds amazing, but … Continue reading

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