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Sometimes, It’s Okay If a Bobblehead Isn’t Perfectly Accurate

Yikes! I mean, yes, he has two different color eyes, but c’mon, that bobblehead is what nightmares are made of. Maybe accuracy isn’t always the best policy… -bp [from Tom Leyden]

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Get a Load of These Idiot Brazilians Living With 7 Tigers…

Oh look, how cute! A tiger! Awwwww…. seven of them?? Adorable! Right? Wrong. These adults should all be arrested for child endangerment. They’re idiots. The New York Post just posted a ton of pictures of the stupidest family on the … Continue reading

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Miggy Pop…

Yup. That used to be a regular ole round baseball… Can’t stop watching. Great GIF work by Cork Gaines. Head over to BI to see the full video. -bp

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BREAKING: My Bitmap Skills Are Unparalleled & Torii Hunter to the Tigers

Yup. Torii Hunter to the Tigers. As for my bitmap skills? Listen, it’s a gift from God… so I can’t take credit for it. I’m just happy to be a part of it. -bp

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Doug Fister Took a Line Drive to the Head – Kept Pitching

OUCH! Doug Fister. Tough. As. Nails. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of “Fister in the Bumgarner” jokes on twitter last night. I expected much more immaturity. Tigers are toast, btw. -bp [via TBL]

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Yes, I intentionally avoided all the stupid headlines you’ll see across the country today: “PANDAMONIUM” – “PABLOctober” – “KUNG FU PANDA PACKS PUNCH” – “GIANT PANDA TAMES TIGERS” – “HOME RUN ‘PAND’EMIC” – “SEƱOR OCTOBER” – “PANDA ESCAPES PARK 3 … Continue reading

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If I Was an Actual Tigers Fan, I’d Wear This Shirt

Jim freaking Leyland… does he still suck heaters in the dugout like it’s not gonna kill him in a few years? -bp

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How Pimp Was Ty Cobb?

That car! That sweater! So pimp. Ty Cobb… -bp

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PHOTOS: Little Prince Fielder – Been Hitting Bombs in Tiger Stadium Since 12 Years Old

So, Prince Fielder just signed with the Detroit Tigers… I love this for nostalgic reasons. I know that Prince and Cecil don’t get along these days, but it’s so cool to me Prince is gonna play in the city where … Continue reading

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