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Tom Brady Played for the Padres

Click bait! Click bait! Don’t fall for it! You fell for it. -bp [lobbed by Showman via Tom’s FB Page]

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High Five!

Can’t stop watching. Can’t stop laughing. -bp [via FoxSports]

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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning Gets the Mortal Combat Treatment…

Reader email – Hey Mr Phelps, I’ve been visiting your website for a while now and I love it. I wanted to finally lob something up. I stayed up late on Mspaint doing these. Hopefully you or others may find this … Continue reading

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Wet & Wild

I have no clue why I made this. It’s stupid. Felt right at the time. -bp

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Tommy Brady and Timmy Tebow… Together at Last

A match made in v-neck sweater heaven. If you’re weird and don’t know the reference… Step Brothers. -bp [via brett]

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Nice Moat, Tom Brady

That’s Tom Brady and Giselle’s new $20M mansion. Of course it has a moat. I wanted to protect Giselle, so I added in the Shrek dragon. Just felt right. -bp [lobbed by Body via Yahoo]

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Look Into My Eyes…

…you will see… what you mean toooo me…search your heart, search your soul…and when you find me there – you’ll searrrrrch no more… -bp [via Andy Gray]

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Now I’m Just Picking on Tom Brady

Second Tom Brady post today… I’m a jerk, I know. Here he is with Jerod Mayo, Robert Kraft and Kraft’s son, Jonathan at an Aerosmith concert. He, as Tim Ryan points out, is looking a lot like the Talented Mr. … Continue reading

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Tom Brady Was One Pudgy Little Kid…

I mean… I guess a lot of us had that awkward phase as a kid, when you wish your family never took any photos. But man, Tom Brady on the far right there… that is one pudgy little kid, who … Continue reading

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