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Kate Upton’s Topps Autographed Card on eBay

That’s Topps 2012 Allen & Ginter Kate Upton card. That exact card is autographed and up for sale on eBay for a bargain basement price of only $589. If you choose to buy this card for that price… please forward … Continue reading

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Get Your Knobbers Here…

So, Topps is coming out with a series of baseball cards that feature some pretty amazing pieces of history. Described here: “Inserted into packs of Topps Tier One will be 100 one-of-a-kind Bat Knob cards from the some of the … Continue reading

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Anybody Remember that Bobby Valentine Was on the Padres?

Congrats to the new manager of the Red Sox… former Padres player Bobby Valentine. -bp

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The Pathetic State of Baseball Card Collecting

As a kid, I lived and breathed collecting baseball cards. Sadly, through high school and college, I didn’t really give a rip about it. Then, post-college, I casually picked it back up again since I had the world’s biggest and … Continue reading

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Doc Gooden Rehab

Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Mike Tyson, all in their early 20’s. Can you even fathom how badly these three would’ve wrecked shop out in Manhattan? I cannot, but I gotta believe every night out on the town would be … Continue reading

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