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Calvin Broadus Loves Him Some USC errr… UCLA? Wait, What?

With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard bein’ Snoop D. O. Double G….  Best explanation I got for this was on twitter… “Are you confused? Snoop DOGG is a USC fan, Snoop Lion roots for UCLA. Duh.” … Continue reading

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And UCLA Has Responded…

‘twould appear UCLA has responded to this. Much, much more clever than USC. **update: see the comments section. most likely a real photo, just really old. further evidence here. agree that the most damning evidence that this didn’t happen in … Continue reading

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USC Fans are Hysterical and Clever

What a really well thought out prank, USC fan. So clever. Your move, UCLA. -bp [via Dr. Saturday]

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Feel Good Freshness: Winner or Not, Neuheisel Goes Out Like a Champ

That’s UCLA’s final practice. That’s Neuheisel on their shoulders. Even though fans weren’t pleased with Neuheisel at UCLA, his players loved him…. and I love that. That’s some Feel Good Freshness, my friends. Video of Neuheisel talking about it here. … Continue reading

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Most Hated SoCal Football Coach: Norval or Neuheisel?

It’s an honest question. Who’s more hated? Norv Turner by Chargers fans or Rick Neuheisel by UCLA fans? Coin toss? Chargers fans HATE Norval. Last night, #FireNorv was a trending topic on twitter in San Diego. The good news from … Continue reading

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Never Have I Wished I Went to USC…Until Now

  I grew up a UCLA fan. Hated Southern Cal. Hated. Still don’t like ’em. That being said, if I’m a high school senior…and I watch this video… I’m withdrawing every other college application and applying to USC, and USC … Continue reading

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Jrue Holiday Should Have Stayed in School

Jrue Holiday, I like you.  You went to UCLA, I like that too.  Unfortunately for you, you still don’t go there.  See, if you still attended classes in Westwood, you wouldn’t ever have to play against Dwight Howard.  But you … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen just interviewed on Dan Patrick Show

So, just listened live to the Dan Patrick Show with Charlie Sheen as his guest. This is can’t miss radio, folks. I’m sure they’re will be a podcast out there soon, but since this is realtime… you can go find … Continue reading

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