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Usain Bolt: Cockiest Man Alive Somehow Gets Cockier

I’d already labeled him as the cockiest man alive, and just when I thought Usain Bolt couldn’t possibly get cockier… well, he got cockier. Dick move… -bp [via]

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Has Roddy White Lost His Mind?

It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear Chris Johnson saying he could beat Usain Bolt in a foot race because CJ is dumber than a box of rocks. But Roddy White? My initial reaction to his tweet saying that … Continue reading

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Amazing: Usain Bolt’s Sprint vs. Every 100M Medalist Ever

Click to enlarge. Really cool video the NY Times put out yesterday. A bunch of you lobsters¬†sent it to me, and rightfully so.¬†Pretty crazy to see how far we’ve come. Usain Bolt is fast. -bp

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