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Calvin Broadus Loves Him Some USC errr… UCLA? Wait, What?

With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard bein’ Snoop D. O. Double G….  Best explanation I got for this was on twitter… “Are you confused? Snoop DOGG is a USC fan, Snoop Lion roots for UCLA. Duh.” … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Lane Kiffin Fired! (No, No He Wasn’t…Yet)

This is why I love wikipedia. The most reliable information in all the land. -bp

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And UCLA Has Responded…

‘twould appear UCLA has responded to this. Much, much more clever than USC. **update: see the comments section. most likely a real photo, just really old. further evidence here. agree that the most damning evidence that this didn’t happen in … Continue reading

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USC Fans are Hysterical and Clever

What a really well thought out prank, USC fan. So clever. Your move, UCLA. -bp [via Dr. Saturday]

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The USC Athletic Center is a Friggin’ Dump

I mean, why would you ever want to play for these chumps? This place apparently only cost $70 mill to build. What a dump… -bp [via]

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You Guys Like My New Arm Tat?

ZOMG. LOLZ. J/K. That’s not my arm. So this joker loves LA sports… I get that. Good for you dude… but c’mon… folks need to stop calling this a “Southern California” sports fan tattoo. Yes, LA is in SoCal… but … Continue reading

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The 2012 USC Song Girls Apparently Went to Tahoe

Yup. Song girls in Tahoe…there were pictures taken. See more here. I know Lane Kiffin is a good recruiter and all… but c’mon, how hard is it to get kids to USC? Zero bits of hard. Silas Redd is salivating … Continue reading

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Newest USC Baseball Recruit: Matt Barkley?

I kid, I kid… that’s Barkley hanging out with the Trojan baseball team. He tweeted out that photo saying “Gettin my Mike Trout on.” It took Mike Trout all of 6 minutes to respond. Here’s their convo: Here’s something oxymoronic … Continue reading

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A USC WR Survived a Bite by a Brown Recluse Spider

espn – USC receiver George Farmer was bitten on his arm by a brown recluse spider last month near his L.A. home and had to have his arm scraped this week to remove all remnants of the bite, sources close … Continue reading

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This USC Tribute to Junior Seau Makes Me Cry

Dammit. As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Junior Seau has passed, a suspected suicide. He was only 43 years old. This video is so hard for me to watch. Just doesn’t look like a guy that would take … Continue reading

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