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Christian Ponder’s Throwing Arm Looks Disgusting…

*click to enlarge* “Oh, so THAT’S why you started Joe Webb. Got it.” That’s friggin’ gross. -bp [via]

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Are These Russian Nesting Dolls the Low Point in Donovan McNabb’s Career?

Laughed for a good two minutes when I saw this. When it comes to Vikings lore, it’s clearly Adrian Peterson > Donovan McNabb. Or maybe the Russian matryoshka doll makers just hate Donovan. -bp [pic via Uni Watch]

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NFL Crotch Shot

This was fun to watch on Sportscenter.¬†Brian Robison goes on the offensive… TJ Lang’s package will never be the same. Video with commentary here. “That’s not good.” -bp [via Gifulmination]

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Chargers Fan Punches a Vikings Fan in the Face…

Wow, there are so many things wrong with this video, I’m gonna need a sec to break them down. Before I do, I want to get this out of the way…I do not condone¬†fighting. These guys are all jackasses, you … Continue reading

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Chargers Opening Game, Qualcomm, Beer and Elite Security

Meet my boys, Mac and Charlie. Mac on the left, Charlie on the right. Those pics are from the season opener at the Q against the Vikings. Mac in a standard shot… double fisted and as patriotic as an American … Continue reading

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LobShots Thoughts: Chargers vs. Vikings

First of all….great win for the Bolts. Anytime your idiot special teams immediately revert back to their 2010 selves, and give up an opening kickoff return for a TD, and you come back and win… that’s a good thing. It’s … Continue reading

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Brett Favre: Dancing With the Stars?

Real. Comfortable. Tengo? Brett. C’mon man… what are you doing? So, I have no clue if this has any legitimacy to the story at all, but Terez Owens is reporting that Brett Favre is going to join “Dancing With The … Continue reading

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