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Of Course Will Ferrell Was a Staples Security Guard at the Lakers Game – Why Wouldn’t He Be One?

Love this man… he then proceeded to kick Shaq out of his court-side seats. Wonderful.   Oh, and his name tag reads, “Ted Vagina.” Normal. -bp [h/t @usatodaysports, TBL]

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Will Ferrell Had Another Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad

  Apparently this aired in a few states… Texas, Oklahoma, Montana. Will Ferrell just sucking face with some old lady. Say what you want about Old Milwaukee, but these guys are doing it right. The idiot big boys are paying … Continue reading

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Are You Married? Then You Watched the Golden Globes…

That’s how it works, right? You’re married, therefore you watch award shows. It’s the least I could do after making her watch football all weekend. That moment with Poehler snuggling up to Clooney made me laugh pretty hard. In addition, … Continue reading

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He’s Baaaaack….

Just like that… San Diego’s favorite anchorman is back. Ron Burgundy Part 2, ladies and gentleman. It’s about freaking time. Can’t wait. For the record. I love my city, you all know that… but if I never hear the phrase, … Continue reading

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Obama Seriously Sent a Birthday Letter to Zooey Deschanel?

Obama! You dog, you! So, this is a real thing, huh? The President really sent Zooey Deschanel a letter for her birthday? Is this a common thing? I want other celebs to step up and help me get to the … Continue reading

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Old, but Awesome Billboard Battle

My boy LT showed me this picture… and even though it’s about 2 years old and no longer there… I’d never seen it, so maybe you haven’t either. Just awesome. The Audi vs. BMW billboard war. Audi forgot they were … Continue reading

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