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This Zidane Statue – I Don’t Get It

So, they put up a statue in Paris of Zidane head-butting that Italian bird. Why? Wasn’t this a moment of national shame for them? Why put up a friggin’ statue? Don’t. Get. It. Holy crap! Look how huge it is! … Continue reading

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Posters of Futbol Legends: Past and Present

Sucker for Soccer. You’re welcome. This is an incredibly well put together set of vintage style soccer posters of players past and present. We’d have never seen them if not for our friends over at Chitwood & Hobbs. Here’s a … Continue reading

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New Soccer Headbutt Makes Zidane’s Look Like Child’s Play

Zinedine Zidane’s got nothing on this fool. His headbutt was awesome and all, but it was bush league compared to this one. While searching for a nice little image of Zidane’s WorldCup headbutt, I happened across this page which has some … Continue reading

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