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Woah, 1985s Michael Jackson of the Future is Lando Calrissian

Nailed it. Thanks to lobster Chris who spotted that in the comments section of the original blog. Impressive. -bp

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What If Michael Jackson Never Had All Those Surgeries?

Something different about that photo, huh? MJ looks too old, but still his young self, right? Here’s why: In 1985, @EBONYMag predicted what Michael Jackson would look like in the yr 2000 pic.twitter.com/fgegGIY0Xe — iTweetFacts™ (@iTweetFacts) November 19, 2013 How … Continue reading

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Grounds for Boycotting VH1 Forever…

You’re just trying to piss people off, right VH1? This is just a giant troll to get Lobshots to post about you? I’ll let it work, just this time. I never watch VH1 as it is, but you can bet … Continue reading

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Kid Imitating an Olympic Coke Can

Is that impressive? I guess…kinda? I mean, I couldn’t do it. It’s a clever photo more than anything. Kid’s obviously a gymnast so it can’t be that hard for her to do. Want to impress me? Re-create that scene using … Continue reading

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The Coolest Interactive NBA Finals Website I’ve Seen…

I can’t recreate it here on LobShots, but head over to this NY Times link to check out a really cool shot analysis of the Heat and Thunder… and their individual players. Lebron’s numbers next to the rest… are staggering. … Continue reading

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