Lakers vs. Heat Tonight!

I’m so fired up to watch these two puppets battle tonight, I can barely contain myself. I know, I know… what’s the big deal, they are buddies.

Yes, that’s correct. Off the court, they are boys. As puppets, they are boys. But on the court? They don’t like each other. Why? Because they both have giant egos and they both want to win.

Those aren’t happy faces they’re making at each other. I hope for some more of that jawin’ tonight. Secretly, I’m scared for the Lakers. I know they are on a sick winning streak and the Miami Heat are on an amazing losing streak… but honestly, I hate the idea of catching the Heat right when they really have something to prove. Dywane Wade and Lebron James together, they can turn it around at any time. We all know that. Soooo….here’s to hoping Chris Bosh still sucks.


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