Tsunami Warning in San Diego!!

Geez. Double whammy in Japan this morning. An 8.9 Earthquake, the biggest in over 100 years, killing over 50 people (*update–over 300*) already… just horrible. Our prayers go out to them. Earthquake wasn’t all though… you shake things up on an island? You get a TSUNAMI. Double whammy. Footage from this quake/tsunami are just nuts. Check the CNN coverage out here.

Japan’s a world away though, right? Wrong. Tsunami warnings right here in sunny San Diego because of this friggin quake. All you east coast jerks think it’s all sunshine, surf and fun here in SD. Welp, I guess you’re kinda right…only today, the surf might be a couple hundred feet high. You know that they actual have it broken down to the minute when the big waves are supposed to hit the shores of San Diego? I’m in La Jolla right now…supposed hit here at 8:48am. I’ll be down there looking for Bodhi and Johnny Utah.


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