Tony LaRussa’s Daughter is a Raiderette

2011 Raiderettes

Hello Bianca LaRussa, you’re cute. Not sure that cute face of yours is making daddy happy this week. Think you’re having a bad week? We know that Tony is. Let me introduce you to Tony LaRussa’s week. Tony was feeling pretty good after taking 3 of 4 from the LA Dodgers over the weekend. Then they had a rain delay, leading to a double header. The below picture the St. Louis Cardinals skipper from the Riverfront Times during a postgame interview after the double header with the Washington Nationals. Nice pinkeye, bro.

Then, Tony comes home from the game only to see this tweet from his daughter.

@BiancaTai: A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good. #oaklandraiders @RAIDERS

…that does so much good“? Not sure I agree with you there, Bianca. I wonder if daddy does? The second he read that… I guarantee Tony’s eye got pinker. Now, in addition to dealing with a small alien growing on his face, daddy’s got to worry about this thing lurking in the hallways while his baby girl is shaking her moneymaker for the fans.

Congratulations, Bianca La Russa… you just got a starring role in the latest episode of Tales from the Crypt.   (*note: this post has been blowing up, so I’m sure Bianca is gonna come knocking at my door any minute now… welp, save it sister, Kate Upton already proposed to me.)
(many thanks to our buddy Taylor Steinhoff, @tsteinhoff on Twitter, for lobbing this up)
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