Man Crush of the Week – Andres Gonzales

He’s the most interesting golfer in the world.  When he hits into the group in front of him, they thank him.  He’s aced a Par 5. He’s never missed a putt.  He is… Andres Gonzales.

My buddy Toother (@TSteinhoff) told me about how Jason Sobel (ESPN’s main Golf Writer @JasonSobel) was jocking this guy on Twitter.  Sobel is a witty and pretty funny dude, so I figured I’d check out Gonzo’s timeline.  What I found was pure gold.

First off, he has a delicious handle bar mustache and hair that would make Locks of Love jealous.  His twitter description is perfect: “Half Man, Half Amazing.”  And he loves to tweet at his BFF… Tiger Woods.  By all accounts, it doesn’t seem like Gonzo has ever met Tiger, but he’d be first in line to be Donkey to Tiger’s Shrek.

I went through his timeline and these are some of the highlights:

Befriending Tiger:

Admiring Tiger:

Dreaming about Tiger:

And my personal favorite… Before the Sony Open this year, Gonzo was listed as an alternate and would only make the field if someone else withdrew.  So obviously he took to bribing other players… with $1 bills.  Dude freaking rules.

So congrats to Gonzo on being our man crush of the week, but more importantly, for being all sorts of awesome.  Oh, and I think we need to set up the most interesting interview in the world Gonzo, what say you??

– Showman

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