Your Prayers have been Answered, I’m Back from Hawaii

I’m back, suckas. Anyone care to give the Showman any grades for running shop while I was gone? It’s been 10 days since my Pass the Poi, Mahalo post, and he’s done 4.5 posts. 4.5 solid posts, I might add. I did 5.5 while I was there, granted, one of mine was an apology since all of Showman’s friends were butthurt I called him out. Either way, I’m back and I’m feeling strong after my Hawaiian vacation. That’s me up top on the left with my fahsha-in-law playing in Princeville. Talk about some miserable views. And yes, Caster, I’m sucking it in, you dick… no way I’m that skinny looking in real life. I am, however, that handsome.

I refuse to bore you with stories of Kauai, but it was indeed a great time with the family. I was there for 8 nights, and definitely could’ve used a couple more (insert junk-punch here). I did snap a few pics that I’ll throw up, then I’ll get to posting on a few of the stories I may have missed while I was gone.

No joke, the view from our dinner table in Poipu at The Beach House Restaurant

Where do Hawaiians go on vacation? PB, baby.



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