Padres vs. Giants Tonight, I’m Going, So are Idiot Giants Fans

Atta kid, Latos. Randy Jones ain’t got nothing on your fro. It’s my first day back in town after vacation and I’m ready for some Padres baseball. I’m going to the game tonight with Caster and Mac, gasp… a Giants fan. I know we’re having an awful year, but the taste of sweet glory when we beat the Giants washes away all frustrations for the short while. While I was gone, we wore our 1984 Throwback Unis in honor of Dick Williams. Sadly we lost the game in the billionth inning.

Yet all anyone could talk about was Mat Latos allegedly talking trash to Aubrey Huff when he came running into the dugout for a foul ball. Tweet after tweet. “you see Latos talking shit to Huff?!” blah blah blah. You Giants fans are morons. Minus the .0005% of the fan base that I know, I hate you idiots. Want to know what Latos said to Huff in dugout? Well, we all wanted to know. So a friend of Lobshots, and and even closer friend to Mat asked him last night. “What’d you say to Huff to piss off all the Giants fans?” Brace yourself, and look over your shoulder for your boss because this shit is NOT SAFE FOR WORK… Latos said, very confused that he pissed anybody off, “watch out for that”. Yep, he told Huff to watch out when he came tumbling into the dugout. Can you believe it? What a dick!! He warned him so he wouldn’t fall on his old man ass.

I hope you’re happy Giants fans. I know I am. Just one more way that you continually make asses of yourselves. Another thing, away games are better watched on TV. If you’re a Giants fan living in San Diego. Just stay home. Nobody wants you at Petco. Here’s a pic of my boy Jonesy representing at the game last night.

Dammit, Padres fans. It looks like he’s in San Fran, surrounded by a sea of idiots. Nice beards, bros. You there to see Bin Laden or Brian Wilson? I honestly can’t tell by your beard choice.


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