“The Dark Knight Rises”

I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t think this poster was amazing. Sorry, I can’t fight it. It’s amazing. Sick movie poster. Well done. (*update*: I have no clue if that poster is movie made, or fan made, just FYI) I have an absolute crush on this new series of Batman movies with Christian Bale.  I loved Batman Begins. Somehow, I loved The Dark Knight even more. Now, The Dark Knight Rises is coming out in 2012? Sign me the freak up. Can’t wait. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it. (**update**: apparently this trailer below is some fan made version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, not the real thing. I’ll post a link to the real deal below, thanks LT for the heads up)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a link to the teaser trailer for The Dark Night Rises, that’s scheduled for release in 2012.


[via Reddit]

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