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Best Photo Ever Taken?

How in the HELL have I never seen this pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker doing some sort of ollie kickflip over Christian Bale as Batman on the set of The Dark Knight? Complete rubbish that this is just … Continue reading

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The Duck Knight Rises

See what I did there? Dark Knight… Duck Knight… no? Anyway, the Oregon Ducks and Nike…they just keep one-upping themselves with their unis…these are for the Rose Bowl. A few things: 1) Go see the full gallery at Nike Blog … Continue reading

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“The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer

I saw the second Sherlock HolmesĀ this weekend (which was pimp), and saw this Dark Knight trailer before the movie. Got me so jacked up. So awesome. Here it is… We knew he’d be in the movie, but definitely didn’t expect … Continue reading

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“The Dark Knight Rises” at Heinz Field: Pittsburgh Steelers and Gotham Rogues

I recently shared with you how fired up I am for the new Batman movie. The third installment of the new series, after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight…comes The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve being keeping tabs on the filming … Continue reading

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“The Dark Knight Rises”

I can’t tell you how much I wish I didn’t think this poster was amazing. Sorry, I can’t fight it. It’s amazing. Sick movie poster. Well done. (*update*: I have no clue if that poster is movie made, or fan … Continue reading

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Superheroes on Steroids

I’m not a comic book guy. I don’t know much about superheroes. I don’t know who is DC Comics or who is Marvel Comics. I don’t really care. I don’t even know the origin of the term “superhero”. Like, do … Continue reading

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