Bryce Harper in a Beardnet

Apparently Bryce Harper took a tour of the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania. As we’ve documented before, I absolutely love Bryce Harper. So, this picture is just great. A fun loving guy just having a good time. Oh, and as for these hairnets… I don’t know much about hairnets, but I know a little. I know that if you have a beard, you’ve got to put one upside down covering up your chin. I get that, beard hair in chocolate is gross. As you can see in the picture above, young Mr. Harper has a beardnet, the ladies do not. Which, of course, begs the question. Did Bryce Harper have to put on a beardnet at the Hershey Factory because he has a tiny little flavor savor under his bottom lip that is barely discernable by the human eye? Discuss.

(Oh, another thing, no clue who these girls are, but I’ve got 5 to 1 odds he took one of those three chicks in the picture home. I say three because I can’t tell if that person in far back is a dude or not…smart money is on the middle chick in pink striking a pose and looking off in the distance.)


[via The Big Lead via @mattriggins80]

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