When Will Bryce Harper Get Drilled in the Ear Hole?

Bryce Harper, you are my Kook of the Week. My stupid computer isn’t currently allowing me to upload this video, so here it is from the boys at Yahoo. No big deal, Bryce Harper just crushing a home run ball to right field, stopping to stare at it, then blowing a kiss to the pitcher after rounding third. Nothing wrong with that, nothing to see here, right? Wrong. This kid is going to get drilled in the ear hole so quickly at the Major League level if he keeps pulling stunts like that. I hope they have those kind of standards in the Minor Leagues as well. Next time he plays that team, it would be fully acceptable to drill him 4 times in one game. In fact, if I’m the pitcher he blew a kiss to… I’m following his ass into the locker room and punching him right in his dirty chester mustache. Guess what, Bryce. I know you were probably acting in revenge from getting beaned or the pitcher saying something mean about you, but I don’t care. I know you’re a kid, only 18 years, but blowing kisses was only cute when you were 18 months old. Now? It’s just gonna lead to an ass whoopin’. Really though, what’d you expect America? He was in high school with Sports Illustrated was throwing him on the cover claiming he was the next Mickey Mantle. This is the kinda crap that happens when you’ve got a kid playing Single-A ball and stupid Americans bid up his baseball cards to sell on eBay for a couple grand. It’s our own fault. Either way, I hope Aroldis Chapman saves his next 106-mph fastball for when Bryce Harper first faces him. Permanent eye black.


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