LobShots Infiltrated the Meadowlands for the Chargers vs. Jets Game

Body & Mac

Sadly, as much as I wanted to go to the Meadowlands last Sunday for the Chargers vs. Jets game, I couldn’t make it happen. Instead, as a reward for being our most faithful lobsters, I sent Mac and Body to represent. There they are…representing like a couple of bosses. Right in the center of the lions den. Even though the Bolts lost, this is one good thing that came out of the game.  asked Mac for a quick recap of their trip. Here it is, in all it’s glory.  -bp

A Chargers Fan Experience in Jersey by Mac:

“My boys at LobShots were nice enough to send The Body and me out to New York city for an amazing weekend in the city followed by field level seats for the Chargers vs. Jets. Can’t tell you how grateful I am that lobshots rewarded their faithful reader and occasional guest blogger!  I could write 10 pages about the shenanigans that Body, me, and our boy Craig got into leading up to and after the game, but I will just give you one quick highlight since it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It was Friday night and we just finished dinner, Craig said he had reservations for us at some divey little comedy club in the West Village. So we head over, free cover charge, but just have to buy a few drinks, no problem there. No headliners, just some local comics doing their thing. Pretty decent so far.  Then the MC goes to announce the 3rd act when all of the sudden he stops mid-sentence and stares blankly then says “Well, it looks like we have a special guest tonight, please welcome Mr. Dave Chappelle!”  Crowd went absolutely apeshit. He got up there and spit straight comedy for 2.5 hours. He had no bit lined up, just BS’ing about whatever the crowd wanted to talk about. He must have gone through three packs of smokes, 8 cups of coffee and 2 packs of Fun Dip. Yep that’s right, that stuff you ate as a kid with the stick and colorful sugar. It was amazing,  Body rolls in a little late after a little tour of the city in a cab and within a few minutes has his sweater off and is trading shirts with Dave. “ohhh, white boy has cashmere”  Not really sure how that went down but it was glorious.  One of the most amazing nights ever.                

Back to the game: MetLife stadium was fantastic, put the Q to shame, it took no time to get into the parking lot and into our tailgating spot. That’s a 1 hour adventure anytime at the Q. We started crushing beers and some sandwiches, just waiting to get heckled by the NY hooligans. Waiting, drinking, waiting… nothing.  So, we decided to walk over and meet some of Craig’s friends and pass a huge party of rowdy Jets fans. They instantly spot me and Body in our Bolts gear and just start booing and chanting “Asssssholes! Assssholes!!”

There we GO!!!! Finally! Good stuff. Other than that the fans were rad, all super jealous of our magical city. Since Lobshots footed the bill for this trip we had to show some love, so Body found some high school kid with an airbrush and a little cart and had him make us a sign. See it up top? Money. Love that pic. Me on the right, Body on the left, Representing for the Bolts and Lobshots. Not gonna get into the details of the game, cause BP already dialed that in. We had a great time, fans were chill, except for the guy who Craig and I managed to accidentally dump an entire 16oz beer on his head. Like straight on his head, not a little splash. Oops.. my bad. Fantastic trip, and oh, by the way… a little advice from your boy Mac here, DO NOT under any circumstances piggy back 4 days in NYC with 3 days in Vegas. I am not kidding when I say I took 10 years off my life.

Love, Mac

Good work, Mac and Body. May this be the first of many stadiums that find themselves infiltrated by LobShots.


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