Geezer Bandit Has Left San Diego for NorCal — Strikes Again

KSBY – The FBI calls him the “Geezer Bandit” because of the mask he wears to resemble an elderly person. People all over the country are keeping up on his escapades via Facebook and now national media coverage. Friday night, the robber held up the San Luis Obispo Bank of America, his 16th heist. But this time, he left behind evidence. The FBI in Los Angeles says, that a day planner the bandit left at the scene is a big clue… unlike any evidence they’ve collected before. It could provide fingerprints, phone numbers, or any other information which could tell them who this man is. He’s a media phenomenon, an internet celebrity… with more than 10-thousand fans liking the Geezer Bandit, with comments like “go geezer go”… and “God bless u.”

“It is disheartening, because this an armed and dangerous person robbing banks. These people are stealing from someone and I don’t think  glamorourizing it is a good thing to do at all,” said Captain Chris Staley of the San Luis Obispo Police. He says the people the Geezer Bandit pointed guns at… don’t view him as anything but criminal. With 16 bank robberies in three counties along Southern California since 2009, the Geezer Bandit has received plenty of attention for his unusual disguise… a movie-quality mask resembling an old man.
“We’re not sure of his age. Even though his appearance is elderly we’re treating him as an armed and dangerous suspect,” said Capt. Staley. But the witnesses from the latest robbery in San Luis Obispo, say he’s probably a younger man. They told the FBI, he wears rubber gloves to disguise his hands, has a deep male voice, and walks quickly. On Friday, the bandit left behind the FBI’s biggest clue yet… a day planner. He was holding it when he walked up to the teller, passed a note demanding cash, and pointed a handgun at the teller’s face. The teller put the money in a plastic bag as well as a dye packet, that exploded when he left the bank.

“From what it did to the money and the bag it was contained in, we do believe there may be ink or dye on his hands,” And that’s what the FBI and police are urging people to be aware of. This dye is intended to stain the suspect… and destroy the money. Witnesses also tell investigators a white, five series BMW was seen leaving the parking lot, at a high rate of speed, Friday night.
The FBI told me today, a white BMW was also seen at a previous robbery, so they’re looking into a possible connection. Police tell us they’re not sure if he got away with any cash. The Geezer Bandit is suspected of robbing the Heritage Oaks Bank in Morro Bay, last May. The FBI is offering a $20-thousand dollar reward.

How ’bout this freaking guy? I swear, from everything you see in the movies and with bank security these days… it seems damn near impossible to rob a bank. Yet, somehow, this dude is at 16 and counting….old man mask and all. It’s crazy to me that nobody knows this dude is robbing banks, whoever he is…no family, no friends. Ya gotta somebody would turn his ass in for 20 grand if they did. Such a trip to me.

I don’t know much… but if you can rob 16 banks without getting caught all up and down the California coast… you’re not leaving your damn day-planner behind. 100% this geezer left this behind with fake information and fake leads just to send cops on a wild goose chase. It’s a text-book bank robber move, right? Make it look like it was an accident on tape, jam outta there and boom, you’ve bought yourself a 2 day head start on the cops. Go geezer, go.


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