L.A. Basketball To Take Over the World? Both Lakers and Clippers Want Dwight Howard & Chris Paul?

No! There can be two! Superman and CP3!! Talk about shooting for the freakin’ stars? Everybody knows the Lakers and the Clippers want Chris Paul or Dwight Howard. Who wouldn’t? Well, ESPN is reporting that their ‘sources’ are saying that the both the Lakers and the Clippers want both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. West Side, Best Side, Bitches! How pimp would this be? I’m a huge Lakers fan so to I’m cool to keep two guys; Kobe and either Bynum or Gasol. Get rid of Lamar Kardashian. If we do that, trade the rest of the team to get these guys… I’ll be the fifth guy at that point.

Kobe, Gasol, Howard, Paul, BP = NBA title.

Never been a big Clippers fan, but I love a little L.A. competition and LOVE Blake Griffin. The Blake Show, baby. Unlikely as it is… if the Clippers could pull this trade off… I’d love it. Why? Better basketball at Staples on the nights the Lakers aren’t there… and it would light a fire under Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss’ ass. You think they’d sit around and let the Clippers be better than their team? Hell no. If the Clippers got Howard/CP3… Buss would go after Kevin Durant, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, and Dirk. All of ’em. Bring in the freakin’ cavalry. Long live the west siiiiide!


[I think there’s about a 1% chance either of these teams get both those guys]

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