Girl, I Must Waaaaaaaarn You…

I sense somethin’ strange in my mind…

I stared at that photo for a good three minutes trying to come up with a good reason to not post it on LobShots. No reason was found. An early 90’s “Yo! MTV Raps” R&B collectors card of Bell Biv Devoe? Yes freaking please. High top fades, orange pleated pants, tight leather pants, sports coats with zippers, colors to blow the mind. Way too much going on here to begin to capture with words. Just stare for awhile…let it simmer.

Never trust a big butt and a smile… that girl is…


(Mac says he thinks it’s “never trust a big butt and smile.” If that’s true…total game changer. Like, if there’s no “a” before “smile” there… I don’t know what was or wasn’t real in my childhood. )

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