Did Obama Just Lock Up Another Four Years in Office by Talking Sports?

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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It’s a rare day when I write about politics… but really, this is a post about a politician talking sports. It might sound like an idiotic thing to say, but I think Obama just locked up another four years in the White House with this sit down with Bill Simmons. We live in a nation full of sports fans. Of course we don’t all like the White Sox, Bulls or Bears… but we LOVE that our President is fan of his Chicago teams… just like we’re fans of our teams. I only posted one clip above, go to Grantland to check out the entire podcast and a few additional youtube clips. Regardless of your thoughts on Obama as our President… it’s awesome to see the Commander in Chief talking sports and knowing what he’s talking about. From Linsanity to the stresses of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch wearing a bullet proof vest, to draining a three in front of troops without a warm-up shot. Really cool stuff. He even put in his views on college football moving to a playoff system. Yes, please. Love it. Not to be overlooked…how ’bout Bill Simmons here? Just trading jabs and small talk with the President of the United States like it’s no big deal. Pretty impressive. Love that Obama did this. Huge PR move, sure. Bet it works though.


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