Dear Humans – Don’t Get Tattoos on Your Forehead

This is really sad. This kid is only 17 years old… from Florida. Arrested on a first degree murder charge. This is a chicken or the egg debate, I guess… but if you’ve got a forehead tat, I feel like you’re going to kill somebody. Sure, my view on this is heavily influenced by Charles Manson, but still… Why don’t we all just stop getting forehead tats and see if that cuts down on murder rates? Good idea, says me.

I wonder what crosses represent in the gang world, because Jesus is not down with murder. This I know. I also know this… assuming that does say “GOD’S CHILD” over his eyebrows… he actually did get that right. That’s universal. Oh, and is that the state of Florida, or a gun tatted between his eyebrows? Or an intentional attempt to represent both? Could he be that smart… what’s another word for ‘smart’ when you know someone’s not smart?


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