I Love Me Some Olympic Drama…

I love the Olympics, but it’s just too much to blog about everything. I don’t have the time or the energy to post about everything going on.  So, I’ll be putting up short posts here and there about things blogworthy… but not too much. So everybody just calm down.

In the meantime… a few thoughts.

Swimming: I thought Phelps had totally checked out after Lochte crushed him for the gold and Phelps didn’t even make the stand. Then, in a surprising loss last night by the US men in the 4×100, Phelps turned in the best time of the four dudes and Lochte got caught on the final leg. USA got silver. Maybe this will be a rivalry after all? Here’s what’s crazy. That was Michael Phelps’ 17th Olympic medal, moving him within one of the all-time record. It was his FIRST silver.

Soccer: How ’bout Abby Wambach getting punched in the face on the pitch? WTF. Also, Hope Solo, who I’m a big fan of, needs to shut the hell up about Brandi Chastain. Let her do her job, you do yours.

Beach Volleyball: I love watching May/Walsh on the beach volleyball court… as American as apple pie. Still bringing the heat after all these years. LOVE.

Ah skeet-skeet-skeet-skeet, ah skeet-skeet-skeet-skeet: Kim Rhode took the gold in skeet shooting. Her fifth medal in the event in her fifth-straight Olympics. Never been done. Unreal.

Women’s gymnastics: I’m actually fired up to watch these girls. Saw them last night. Five little fire-crackers. Love ’em. Especially Gabby Douglas. Cute as a friggin’ button. Her smile is contagious.

Am I right? Love her. Also… to all of you lovely lobster ladies competing in the games. Beware the Olympic Pervert… they’re everywhere.

You’re not fooling anybody, pal. How ’bout those US Men playing hoops?

After watching TEAM USA basketball, it would appear that LOB COUNTRY is alive and well, even without Blake. Get your Lob Country swag here. Did I just type ‘swag’? Ugh.

Final note. This is the smoking hot Antonija Mišura, a guard for the Croatian National Team. Yup. I promise, she does play basketball.

*update* almost forgot… if you haven’t seen the video of Aly Raisman’s parents. You need to go watch it now… here’s a glimpse of how freaked out they are watching her routine.


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