What the HELL is Happening With Chargers’ Back-up QBs?

That’s Kyle Boller. Once Jesus Whitehurst went down in Chargers training camp, the Bolts needed a back-up QB. Nobody liked my amazing idea to pick up Flutie, so they hit up Boller. He seemed a good choice, started a game last year for the Raiders before they signed Carson Palmer, so he should be fresh. Every San Diego male between the ages of 14 and 40 were thrilled because Boller is married to Carrie Prejean, former Pad-Squad member, Miss La Jolla, Miss California, and Miss USA runner-up. She’s real easy on the eyes. I, for one, tweeted out a few photos of her to let fans know that confidence is something Boller can’t be lacking.

Smokin’. Brought back memories of the Padres signing Jamie Mark Kotsay. Then, outta nowhere, Boller just up and retires. So freakin’ bizarre.

Was the playbook too hard? Did he have some secret dream wish to retire as a Charger like LT? Cannot WAIT to hear the real story behind this. So, who do the Bolts go sign? San Diego’s own Kevin O’Connell. What a trip that must be for O’Connell. Went to LCC, then played for the Aztecs… then last week, he was literally hosting the Darren Smith show on XX1090. I listened to him interview Mark Sanchez. Fast forward a couple days… boom, you’re a NFL quarterback again… for your hometown team. Talk about a life shift. He left the Jets, missing out on Tebowmania, only to come home.

Good for him. Love a feel-good story. Best job in the world… back-up quarterback.


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