No SDSU? This Top 25 List of Party Schools Sucks

Before you read this blog rant, make sure to carefully peruse this list of the alleged “Top 25” Party schools. This list is utterly absurd, I’ll give it to #1 West Virginia U, I’ve heard it goes off there. Maybe not #1 level of going-offedness, but a solid top 5. Other than that, this list is quite infuriating. The fact that neither SDSU (my esteemed Alma Mater) or Chico State made the list is horse sh*t.

Partying HARD at Univ of Iowa

Look at the pic above of #14 Univ. of Iowa, yea look at that party. A bunch of frumpy kids sitting down. Nobody at SDSU has ever sat down like that, get that many SDSU kids together and its an episode of MTV’s The Grind.  The kid in the front right is picking his nose, just to the right of him is a dude wearing Tevas, get that F out with this crap. One stroll down Montezuma Blvd would catapult SDSU to an easy top 5 ranking. Chico state, they are in the woods, nothing to do but party. Step into Riley’s Bar & Grill for 6 seconds and your head will explode with the caliber of amazing girls and partying taking place. At least they got Santa Barbara on there. Isla Vista is a total sh*t show, I’d put them top 5 all day. Yea, I have a little west coast bias, but geez, have you seen the trolls on the east coast and mid west? Give me a break. They only drink big out there so that the people are actually tolerable to look at.

That’s my rant for the day. Let’s hear you Eastside Lobster’s chime in and defend the honor of your school. Colgate University?? You have got to be kidding me. #WORSTLISTEVER (did i do that right? that was my first and last hash tag)


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