Let’s Get Political — Political — I Wanna Get Political

Hey, get off that fence and back to your jobs, Yemenese dudes.   No jobs?   Ok, well, then back to your normal activities.  Beating, marginalizing, and repressing women, right?   Calm down…I’m 10% kidding.  But, why are you smashing/destroying, setting fires, and murdering anyhow?   Wait, what?   A movie?!  Serious?   Please update your ideas, please stop sawing people’s heads off, and join today.  You are, as of now, 900 years behind.  Best hurry, you’ve got some catching up.  And, just a friendly reminder, fence guys… people sacrifice their lives everyday… attempting to get to America.  EVERY-damn-DAY.  Know how many people [in the history of humans] have done the same for the prospect of a better life in Yemen?   Correct, not one.  Not ever.  Take a look at your behavior.  Wise up.


P.S.  I understand this blog is a tad incendiary, and that it doesn’t fairly consider all the amazing, intelligent, open-minded, talented Yemenese… but at least it’s not murder.

P.S.S.  I know Chandler Bing tried to escape to Yemen a few years back, but that was a punch line on a sitcom.  Wait, is that why you are so upset, Yemen?   Being a punch line?  Well, regardless…this action does not help the world take Yemen more seriously.

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