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Aaron Rodgers is Having Dinner With Paulina Gretzky

Okay, okay… the title was a tad misleading… but man, the life of elite pro athletes. *checks twitter* Oh look, Dustin’s playing in the Pebble Beach with Wayne Gretzky, I think I’ll grab dinner with them… and Paulina. These guys … Continue reading

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Beyonce Showed Up in NOLA, Media Promptly Flipped Out

I heard she sounded good too. -bp [pics via twitter, @worldofisaac, @jose3030]

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Quentin Jammer and Vincent Jackson Featured in NOLA

That’s an “NFL Experience” display in New Orleans for Super Bowl week. I hate that VJ is no longer a Charger. I fear we’ve also seen the last of Jam… -bp [pic via @annieheilbrunn]

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I’m Sorry. I Had To…


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Guys, Twitter is Back, Everybody Take a Deep Breath…

Phew. Twitter has returned. I’d like to take this opportunity to show you that the combo of my avatar photo and header photo is hot fire. Best of all worlds combined. Follow @Lobshots here. -bp

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Twitter is Still Down. My Thoughts…


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Twitter is Down. My Thoughts…


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Happy Birthday, Jackie Robinson… Google Doodle Style

Love this move by Google. Jackie Robinson would’ve been 94 years old today. I tend to geek out on uniforms and baseball history, so humor me for a moment, if you will. The casual observer may not have noticed it, … Continue reading

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Nice Finger, Anthony Muñoz

I’d forgotten how bad Anthony Muñoz’s pinky finger was… I now remember. Shows you that no matter how much protection you put on those fingers, they can still get really, really effed up. Check out his kicks… pump-pummmmp it up! … Continue reading

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