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The Original Trailer For “The Princess Bride”

It’s a funny thing. A movie that I can quote almost in its entirety… and I’ve never seen the trailer. Makes sense. I probably didn’t even see the movie until the early ’90s. I was 9 years old when it … Continue reading

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Love This Reunion Photo of the ‘Princess Bride’ Cast…

Click to enlarge that bad boy. I know this is from 2013, but it got lobbed my way from Scull today and I realized that I never posted it in the first place. I LOVE Princess Bride… it made my … Continue reading

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All the Princess Bride Quotes You Can Handle on ESPN…

Just wonderful. Well done, gents. COUS’ … Corners of Unusual Size… they probably don’t even exist.  If you don’t know how much I love The Princess Bride… then you never saw my Top Ten Movies of All-Time list… which, by the way, … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry. I Had To…


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This is the Face of a Stone Cold Killer from New Zealand…

Meet Wynand Mullins, aka Inigo Montoya, the thug from New Zealand that terrorized an entire plane of Aussies when he clearly threatened to kill all of them because they all killed his father. This dude told Stuff Magazine that he … Continue reading

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See? The Rain in San Diego is All Fun and Games Until a Giant Boulder Lands on Your House

Not making fun of us San Diegans for bitching about the rain now are you, everywhere-else-ers? Apparently that sucker rolled down the hill in Poway and landed in someone’s garage. That’s the story at least. However, I have my suspicions … Continue reading

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It Always Comes Back to “The Princess Bride”

What’s ‘it’ you ask? Everything. The Princess Bride is one of my favorites ever, as I recently mentioned this nice little Fezziks/Physics post. The oarfish I posted produced the shrieking eel allusion in the comment section, by Caster. It was … Continue reading

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Blue Lobster vs. Giant Lobster – Who Ya Got?

I’m discovering that, in addition to the Chargers, Padres, Kate Upton, Paulina Gretzky, and the demise of Kim Kardashian… you lobsters expect me to write about all breaking news regarding, well… lobsters. I’m into that… so here ya have it. … Continue reading

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R.O.U.S. spotted in Brooklyn! Grab your Pitchforks!

You never thought you’d see the day when the classic art piece, American Gothic, and a R.O.U.S. were combined into one picture, did you? I’m gonna leave a significant gap below, to give you the opportunity to not scroll down … Continue reading

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