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Johnny Football Is Loving San Diego: “This is Paradise”

As we all know by now, Johnny Manziel took batting practice and threw out the first pitch for the Padres vs. Nationals game last night. There’s Johnny with our buddies Mark Sweeney and Mike Pomeranz. Here’s a great video interview … Continue reading

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The Honey Badger Does Care: Tyrann Mathieu Loves His Eyebrows More Than You Love Anything

Honey Badger, huh ESPN the Mag? Interesting choice for the cover of your NFL draft preview considering he didn’t play last year and he smokes weed more than you drink water. Speaking of smoking weed… ESPN will say those are … Continue reading

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The President of Ohio State Loves Bow Ties… and Beer Pong

Good Lord, that’s a lot of bow ties. This dude, E. Gordon Gee, loves bow ties more than you love anything. Unreal. Thanks to reddit, we also know he’s played a little beer pong in his day. How very frat … Continue reading

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Sweet! Had a buddy that got a very similar tat a few years ago… he LOVES it. Roll damn tide? -bp [via]

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Deadspin LOVES Donald Trump

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but it’s probably the best thing I saw on the internet yesterday so I wanted to make sure. The national media was jockin’ Deadspin all day for the Te’o story… so Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Manti Te’o and Keyser Söze

Yesterday, I tweeted this: “The greatest trick the Te’o ever pulled was convincing the world she DID exist… ” Today, someone made it into a GIF. Nice… *update* – and another one…a better one. -bp [thanks for the heads up, … Continue reading

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Weekend at Lennay’s

They just keep rollin’ in. -bp [lobbed by LT]

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Memes: The Internet is Not Treating Manti Te’o Kindly

Yup. “Te’oing” is a thing now… it’s got a tumblr page, so you know it’s real… you take a picture with your special someone… -bp [grabbed most of these off of twitter…]

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Manti Te’o Issued a Statement: I Award Him No Points, and May God Have Mercy on His Soul.

From ESPN: Te’o issued a statement Tuesday afternoon: “This is incredibly embarrassing to talk about, but over an extended period of time, I developed an emotional relationship with a woman I met online. We maintained what I thought to be … Continue reading

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