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Holiday Bowl: The Most Exciting Bowl in the Country

BEST BOWL IN ALL THE LAND!!! Fact.  Every year there are a bunch of “really smart” sports writers who need to fill their article quota for the year by babbling along about which bowls are the most exciting.  Save it.  … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech Cavaliers!

Chalk another one up to Fox. The Virginia Tech Cavaliers, huh? I think they might go by the Hokies, too. Maybe? Sometimes? Lemme check. Yup. Hokies. You know, since 1892. -bp [screenshot via @darrenrovell via @brycestuck]

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Erin Andrews With a Stronghold on Hearts of All Generations

“LEGAL TO MARRY ERIN ANDREWS IN 5 YEARS… 11 YEARS…2 YEARS” Love these kids. I’d be so proud if these were my boys. “Hey Dad, is Erin Andrews gonna be at college gameday here at WVU today?” “Yes, boys, she … Continue reading

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These Boise State Broncos Hats are a Joke, Right?

Really? Your stupid blue turf is somehow now it’s own mascot? Who the hell do you think you are Boise State…Minor League Baseball? I have nothing more to say about this ridiculousness. Here’s the story on it if you need to … Continue reading

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Gangs Love to Steal

Stealing logos and hats from Major League Baseball wasn’t enough for the gang members. Now they want to take over the Arizona State logo. “The Satan Disciples” are using the ASU logo now. Nice name guys… no plans for Heaven … Continue reading

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