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More Dog Awesomeness…

Betcha can’t watch just once. – Showman *Lobbed by Fortunata via Nate Villegas

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Pre-Draft Chargers Scorecard: A Freaking Plus

Chargers just signed this guy.  And I love it.  He tore his ACL last year, missed the second half of the season, and then failed a physical with the Packers.  And I still love it. I love it because he … Continue reading

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Matt Ginella’s Job Is Better Than Yours

San Diego is better than your city.  Golf courses included.  Matt Ginella works for Golf Channel and his job is to travel the U.S. and play awesome golf courses… Yeah, Seriously.  Matt spent the last few days in San Diego … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Rastafari

Chargers didn’t take the high road on this one, as they parted ways with Atari Bigby today.  But let’s be blunt, dude couldn’t catch a football with a bowl. Jokes.For.Days. – Showman

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Leonard. For The Win.

I love me some Jeopardy, and I especially love Teen Jeopardy… because it makes me feel just the slightest bit smarter.  This season’s Teen Jeopardy was awesome, and it’s all thanks to Leonard.  Besides being the easiest game of “Which … Continue reading

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Yunel Escobar is a Homophobe

Yunel Escobar. Shortstop. Blue Jay… Idiot. “TU ERE MARICON”. If my San Diego public school education serves me right, that Spanish phrase translates to “You’re a faggot.” I’m baffled. Escobar let someone write “You’re a faggot” on his eye black.  … Continue reading

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George Brett is the Sh*t

If you like to check out LobShots with your kids each morning, you’re a terrible parent… and the video below probably shouldn’t be mixed in with their afternoon cartoons.  But it sure as hell makes me wish that I was … Continue reading

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Tobey Maguire is Hiding in CC Sabathia’s Butt

Does this make Sabathia superhuman or just extremely uncomfortable?? – Showman [Lobbed by Fortunata]

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Charles Tillman Gets an A+

Charles Tillman might be my new favorite NFLer.  Here’s why…  Mr. Amrein, a middle school math teacher outside of Chicago, put this brain-buster on one of his quizzes: “The Packers play the Bears 4 times in two seasons. The Packers, … Continue reading

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Kyle Zimmer, Welcome To The Bigs

BIG.TIME.SHOUTOUT. to a member of the Lobster family.  Kyle Zimmer, a San Diego native out of La Jolla High School, was selected 5th overall by the Kansas City Royals in the 2012 MLB draft. Here’s Selig, sounding like he just … Continue reading

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