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Helluva Win by the Chargers in Philly…

The “experts” predicted this one… poorly. Cannot say enough about that win in Philly. A heart-breaking loss on MNF. Short week to prep, traveling cross-country to play the most hyped up offense of the year. Every “expert” on the planet … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought Being A Dodgers Fan Couldn’t Get Worse: DeSean Jackson at the Strip Club Happened

So gross. So, so gross. First Frank McCourt, now this? Sucks to be a Dodgers fan. Nice hat, guy. I spent the better part of a year making fun of DeSean Jackson and his idiot antics. Then I read a … Continue reading

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These 2011 NFL Preview Sports Illustrated Covers are a Joke

This is the Sports Illustrated that I received in the mail this week, you know, here in San Diego. I thought nothing of it… Clay Matthews is insanely popular, and he plays for the reigning Super Bowl champs. No biggie. … Continue reading

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The Great White Mike Vick Photoshop Compilation

Ah, yes, the white Mike Vick article. If you haven’t read it, you should. Very thought provoking, and I’m glad that TourĂ© wrote it for ESPN The Magazine. However, the image that ESPN used was just awful judgment. They knew … Continue reading

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Brett Favre to the Eagles? Kill Me Now.

Really. A Philadelphia Eagles Brett Favre jersey? Some radio talk show host in Philly suggested that the Eagles might be interested in Brett Favre. Story here. Apparently Favre’s agent says it’s all just “speculation”…for now. Favre’s gonna be Vick’s backup … Continue reading

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DeSean Jackson is a Jerk. Right?

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson bugs me…just the way he carries himself. He’s cocky on and off the field. He doesn’t carry himself like a professional. Dude just seems like a jerk. His tweets just highlight his high-roller lifestyle in the … Continue reading

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