These 2011 NFL Preview Sports Illustrated Covers are a Joke

This is the Sports Illustrated that I received in the mail this week, you know, here in San Diego. I thought nothing of it… Clay Matthews is insanely popular, and he plays for the reigning Super Bowl champs. No biggie. No biggie until I found out that SI did regional covers for their annual “NFL Preview”. Now I’m pissed. You know the regional covers, right? They started doing them because of the SI Cover Jinx. They won’t admit that, of course, but they were sick and tired of being blamed for featuring players that would get hurt soon after they appeared on their cover, or good teams that immediately started sucking. So, here are the rest of the Sports Illustrated covers for the 2011 NFL Preview. Then, I’ll tell you why I’m pissed.

Let’s break this down. First what I like about the covers… I like that they feature defensive players. This is an offensive happy league with offensive happy media coverage, so it’s cool to see the D getting some love. That’s it. That’s the only thing I like.

DISLIKE time. Way to make every team look like they are the Boise State Broncos just matching their magical turf to their uniform colors. Idiotic. Now, for my real beef…see how every cover has “Peter King’s Super Bowl Picks” up in the top left corner of the issue? Every one except for one…the Falcons issue. That issue says “PETER KING’S SUPER BOWL PICK: IT’S THE FALCONS!” Yea Falcons! Hmmm, I wonder who the God of all football insiders picked to play the Falcons in the Super Bowl? Must be one of the teams featured on these spectacular regional covers, right? Wrong. Your hometown San Diego Chargers. King has the Falcons beating the Chargers 24-20 to take home the title.

First, Peter King. I don’t know what I should be more pissed about here. The fact that Peter King, along with seemingly every other supposed football mastermind, is picking the Chargers to go the Super Bowl…or that he has us losing. He did correctly predict the 2010 Super Bowl, which was impressive.

Second, Sports Illustrated. Your football guru boy picks the Bolts to go the Super Bowl and you guys won’t even put us on the cover? Real cool. It’s not like there’s ONE cover anymore… there are freaking SIX covers. SIX! Why do you hate the Chargers? I wasn’t positive, so I just pulled out a map of the ole U S of A… turns out Green Bay isn’t even close to San Diego. Not close at all, it’s like, further than San Francisco from here. So, thanks for nothing Sports Illustrated… thanks for our regional cover of the Packers. Now, we here in San Diego will be pulling for the reverse curse. Since you idiotically didn’t feature the Bolts on the cover… maybe now they will go to the Super Bowl. If that happens, I’ll retract all the name calling. Probably. Until then, thanks for nothing…


[covers shots via PermanentRecord]

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