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Sweet Monday Night Football Promo, ESPN. Ya Jerks.

The hell was that? Andrew Luck mania over at ESPN. If not for the tiny Bolts logo at the end of that promo, you’d have no clue who the Indianapolis Andrew Lucks were playing tonight. Buncha BS. Even if I … Continue reading

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“ESPN The Magazine” With an Unsolicited Kick in the Nuts to the Padres

Haha! Good one, guys! Totally possible that if he looks good, you’ll put him in your next body issue… if you’re still a magazine next year. Also, you forgot the word “he” in there. There’s 140 characters… use ’em. -bp

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John Clayton’s ESPN Promo Just Won the Internet

Absolutely amazing. Speaks for itself. Well done, John. Well done, ESPN. -bp [previously: Be Amazed: John Clayton’s Hair] [h/t TBL]

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Padres Are The Hottest Team in Baseball — ESPN Couldn’t Possibly Care Less

Eight straight. EIGHT STRAIGHT! Pretty freaking impressive. The Casey Kelly era began with a bang. Six shutout innings, and some run support from our catcher of the future, Yasmani Grandal…led to a 3-0 win over the BARVES. It was perfect. … Continue reading

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Has SportsCenter Reached an All Time Low?

Really. I’m all for a good “Call Me, Maybe?” pun, but holy crap, that is awful. -bp [screengrab via Lana]

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Erin Andrews – FOXy Lady

Decent chance that’s the cheesiest headline in LobShots history. Also a decent chance it’s the best photo in LobShots history. Either way, I love me some Garth, and I love me some Erin Andrews… so it had to be done. Erin … Continue reading

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Berman is Going to Call the Chargers MNF Opener

Great move, ESPN. Nobody thinks Berman is old and tired. They announced that Chris Berman will make his debut as a NFL broadcaster with Trent Dilfer. He will be, of course, calling the Chargers vs. Raiders game. Wonderful, can’t wait. … Continue reading

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Would Manning Be Taller Than Tebow This Week?

I guess this is old… but I just saw it on reddit. The graph of who gets the most mentions on SportsCenter. It’s described: “Transcripts were collected from the 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. editions of “SportsCenter” from Aug. 1, … Continue reading

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ESPN’s Jeremy Lin “Chink In The Armor” = Apologies, Suspensions, and a Firing

By now you’ve seen the huge ESPN no-no… the Jeremy Lin “Chink In The Armor” stuff. So much of a no-no… that the employee that posted it has been fired. His name is Anthony Federico, and ESPN gave him the … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen The ESPN “Prop Cage”?

Pretty freaking cool. Uni Watch did a piece on this and I’ll show you the photos and some insider commentary about the infamous ESPN Prop Cage. Ha. Notice how readily available the Tebow and Palamalu jerseys are. Playoffs, baby. Wandering … Continue reading

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