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Pre-Draft Chargers Scorecard: A Freaking Plus

Chargers just signed this guy.  And I love it.  He tore his ACL last year, missed the second half of the season, and then failed a physical with the Packers.  And I still love it. I love it because he … Continue reading

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Hey Florio – Rip Off More of My Jokes

That’s a ProFootballTalk tweet from this morning. Mike Florio. These national media guys think they’re so badass. They’re not. Most pretend they don’t read Lobshots. They do. Florio stealing my Hercules/Hochuli flow here. “ZOMG. LOLZ. That Mike Florio is sooooooooo … Continue reading

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Chargers Fans In Oakland – BEWARE….

**THIS IS RE-POSTED FROM LAST YEAR — MY FEAR FOR CHARGERS FANS SAFETY IN OAKLAND REMAINS THE SAME, SO I’M RE-POSTING. GOD SPEED***   LA Times – Oakland Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask came to the defense of the team’s … Continue reading

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Tebow Appears to be Saddened by the Jets Signing

I’m sure you’ve all seen this already, but since I have a gigantic man crush on Tebow and you all judge me for it, I figured you’d enjoy watching this compilation video of Tebow saying how “excited” he is to … Continue reading

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Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates – WHY?

Anybody give a decent answer yet as to why Rivers threw this ball to Gates into thick double-coverage that 100% should have been picked off, but instead was acrobatically caught by Gates? Can anybody give a decent answer in regards … Continue reading

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Chargers: The Fumble Heard ‘Round the World

Earlier, I posted that .gif of Philip Rivers stating “That was the worst thing ever” or “That was the worst day ever.” Still not sure which one he said because I only minored in lip-reading… anyway, if you’ve been living … Continue reading

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Philip Rivers: “That was the worst thing ever.”

Well…I’m no lip reader… but it sure looks like Philip Rivers is saying, “That was the worst thing ever.” (I had ‘That was the worst DAY ever‘, but Herm corrected me, I still don’t know which one he says for … Continue reading

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High School Football Coach Brings Kids to a Graveyard, Parents Flip Out

MARCELLUS, N.Y. (AP) — A junior varsity football coach suspended for making his players lie down in a central New York cemetery as a post-defeat motivational ploy said he borrowed the idea from a pivotal scene in the 2000 Denzel … Continue reading

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Erin Andrews With a Stronghold on Hearts of All Generations

“LEGAL TO MARRY ERIN ANDREWS IN 5 YEARS… 11 YEARS…2 YEARS” Love these kids. I’d be so proud if these were my boys. “Hey Dad, is Erin Andrews gonna be at college gameday here at WVU today?” “Yes, boys, she … Continue reading

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