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Let Me Be Your Ruler… You Can Call Me Queen Bee…

And now you’re Royal. @lordemusic meets @Royals icon George Brett. pic.twitter.com/7BPRW6VYJD — MLB (@MLB) April 16, 2014 She finally met a Royal. I wonder if she knows the “When was the last time you sh*t your pants?” story. Let me … Continue reading

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How Great is This “Pine Tar Incident” Artwork?

That’s good stuff. All comic-booky. Check out the shade of George’s face compared to everybody else’s. Fury. Spit flying everywhere. Love it. You can buy prints of it for $14 here. -bp [artwork from Aaron Dana via Eephus League]

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George Brett is the Sh*t

If you like to check out LobShots with your kids each morning, you’re a terrible parent… and the video below probably shouldn’t be mixed in with their afternoon cartoons.  But it sure as hell makes me wish that I was … Continue reading

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Baseball Needs a New “Kissing Bandit”

I wish there was a modern day Morganna. A turn of the century version of the Kissing Bandit. Where have you gone Oh Morganna, a nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you… wooo wooo wooo. -bp

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Tommy Lasorda’s World: The Best Baseball Blog on the Web

This is a post of recommendation. This is not a post for Dodger fans. This is a post for baseball fans. Even if you hate the Dodgers, that means you have some sort of passion for the game of baseball. … Continue reading

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