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Nobody Knows Style Like 1977 Jim Boeheim Knows Style

Power suit right there from the boss, Boeheim. Flanked by his assistant coaches, Rick Pitino and Barstool Big Cat. -bp [pic via @si_vault]

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I Can’t Stop Watching the Boeheim Fan Face GIF

So weird. So creepy. So cool. Oh, and nice try, Indiana. Go Orange. -bp [via cjzero]

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Syracuse Picked A Winner

Though Lobshots is a SoCal-centric sports blog, sometimes a compelling story allows for geographic expansion.   In this case… expansion to a cold, drab city 3000 miles east northeast of San Diego, where personal character is hardened and purified by long … Continue reading

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Syracuse Basketball is No. 1 in the AP Poll…for Only the 4th Time Ever…Wait, What?

Before I get going… how ’bout that pic? That’s Baye Moussa Keita on the left… from Senegal, West Africa. Think he’s fired up by Dion Waiters? Holy crap. That’s an intense Kevin-Garnett-esque face. Back to the Orange. What planet am … Continue reading

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The Tangled Web of Syracuse, Boeheim, Fine, and ESPN

I’m not often at a loss for words, but this Syracuse debacle is getting sadder, crazier and shadier by the second. We’re talking straight out of a Jerry Springer episode. Being good friends with a Syracuse native, Caster, has been … Continue reading

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