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Some Idiot, She Says…

Nobody calls Nic Cage ‘some idiot’ on my watch, lady. Well, except you I guess… since you just did. Something tells me she won’t be buying this amazing blanket anytime soon. -bp

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Happy Tuesday, America!

I don’t fully understand this whole government shut down business. Neither do you. Guarantee you Nic Cage does… -bp [lobbed by LT via imgur]

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The Best Blanket in the History of Mankind…

I will never forgive my friends and family for not getting me this for Christmas… -bp [via imgur]

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Nic Cage is… The Avengers

I haven’t seen The Avengers yet. I want to… just haven’t gotten around to it. Tell ya what though, if Nic Cage was every one of them, you can bet your sweet ass I’m waiting in line Thursday night for … Continue reading

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I Dunno… Just Because

This one’s for you, Colin. -bp

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Conspiracy Theorists Unite! The Mayweather vs. Ortiz Debacle

Yeah, that looks a LOT like a dude that just got blindsided by a knock-out combo, right? I didn’t watch the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight live… I refuse to pay for that crap. I did however see some highlights, and … Continue reading

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