Conspiracy Theorists Unite! The Mayweather vs. Ortiz Debacle

Yeah, that looks a LOT like a dude that just got blindsided by a knock-out combo, right? I didn’t watch the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight live… I refuse to pay for that crap. I did however see some highlights, and watched twitter blow up and absolutely flip out on Mayweather, calling him a coward of a human being, blah blah blah. On highlights, I saw an intentional headbutt by Ortiz…an apology, then, later, a referee who signaled for a restart of a match, and before Ortiz was even paying attention, a huge “suckerpunch” combo from Mayweather that knocked his ass out. Fair or foul… Mayweather has been called some nasty things for it. Everybody cared to share their opinion. Welp, I found the one guy that didn’t seem to care one freaking bit. That picture above is at a post-fight afterparty. To me, that looks like a dude just killing it in life, who’s $2.5 mill richer than he was the day before…without a suckerpunch-care in the world. He had said this about the alleged suckerpunch, “The ref said something. I looked up and he just caught me. I was like: ‘Wow’, and I woke up after. It happens. It’s part of the game.” Next to him? That’s his girlfriend Alexia Garland. Hot, hot, hot.

Remember Snake Eyes? Real bad Nic Cage and Gary Sinise movie. It was all about some conspiracy and throwing a major fight in Vegas. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I’ll tell ya what… IF I were to ever throw a fight in Vegas, the Mayweather/Ortiz fight is exactly how’d I’d set it up. Think about it. First, we live in an age that you can’t get knocked out by air punches anymore to throw fights. If you’re a part of a fixed fight, somebody’s gonna get Debo’d. You have the dude (Ortiz) that’s gonna take the fall… you turn him into the enemy by having him headbutt your eventual winner (Mayweather). Once you’ve got the crowd all riled for the headbutt, you cause some commotion in the ring, and when the ref calls to restart the fight, you have the guy who’s gonna take the fall with this hands down looking for the signal, when BLAM, “YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUUGG-OUT!!” Then, all the sudden, the once-villain is now the victim. He’s lays there flat on his back, knowing he’s gonna collect a huge payday for the fall he just took. It really is the perfect setup for a fall, because not only would Ortiz be able to collect a portion of Mayweather’s purse, over $40 mill, but Mayweather gets to keep his perfect record. In addition, he could’ve promised Ortiz a portion of the purse if he ever fights Manny Pacquiao, which could be over $50 mill each. Conspiracy theorists unite!!!


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