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What You Missed in This Josh Hamilton Photo Bomb…

I’ve seen this photo floating around the web for a couple days now. I just love it. Three girls just trying to get a picture in front of the Rangers dugout… only to have Josh Hamilton pop up. So good. … Continue reading

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Leave Jose Canseco Alone!! He’s my Super Hero.

Why’s everyone gotta be hatin’ on Jose? Dude is a super hero… and super heroes are always made out the be the villain. If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a million times…the good guys maliciously accused of bad … Continue reading

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Milton Bradley is Batshit Crazy

I used to actually feel kinda bad for Milton Bradley. He’s a good ball player, and it did kinda seem like people were out to get him. I’ve never been so hoodwinked in my life. This morning, the official divorce … Continue reading

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