Milton Bradley is Batshit Crazy

I used to actually feel kinda bad for Milton Bradley. He’s a good ball player, and it did kinda seem like people were out to get him. I’ve never been so hoodwinked in my life. This morning, the official divorce filing from Milton Bradley’s wife surfaced online. Dude allegedly grabbed the glass top from a coffee table and chucked it at his wife’s head, causing a gash as it shattered all over her. BAT.SHIT.CRAZY. Remember when Milton was a just a normal kid trying to make his mark in the Bigs?

Montreal Expos (2000–2001)

Yeah, I didn’t remember either, because nobody even remembers he was on the Expos. After that though… that’s when the crazy started. Here’s the rest of his career. With picture documentation of crazy.

Cleveland Indians (2001–2003)

Los Angeles Dodgers (2004–2005)

Oakland Athletics (2006–2007)

San Diego Padres (2007)

Texas Rangers (2008)

Chicago Cubs (2009)

Seattle Mariners (2010–present)

The lovely ladies over at Babes Love Baseball have a nice time-line of Milton Bradley’s insane shenanigans. Please check it out.

I don’t like you, Milton. You deserve jail. Hopefully that will make you a better person.


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