Classic Car Show in La Jolla


Listen, I don’t know crap about cars, and certainly not classic cars. However, while en route to Cups LJ to get some cupcakes in downtown La Jolla this morning… I saw that a ton of awesome old cars all pimped out were parked on Girard causing gobs of traffic. So, I figured I’d snap some pictures with my Droid and throw them up in no particular order… because even if you don’t know anything about them… they are cool to look at when they’re old and shiny. So, here are some cars. Oh, and if you’re thinking of posting a comment explaining something about one of the cars… don’t, because I don’t care. Cheers.

a lululemon shoutout...


A station wagon snuck into the show!

Old dudes on lounge chairs. Pimp.

We get it, bro... you're butthurt that you weren't in Back to the Future. Now grow up.

Saw this gem as we were leaving... not 100% sure if it was in the Show.

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