Somali Pirates. Really?

Clinton condemns killing of 4 Americans by pirates

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States strongly condemned the killing of four U.S. citizens by Somali pirates off East Africa and urged the world to strive to bring maritime criminals to justice.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called the act “deplorable.” She said in a statement that the killings underscored the need for international cooperation on fighting the scourge of piracy in waters off the Horn of Africa.

The four were the first Americans killed in a wave of pirate attacks in recent years.

Clinton expressed her sympathies for the victims’ families.

She urged international partners to provide material, financial and logistical support to an African peacekeeping mission in Somalia, the country the pirates use as the launching point of their attacks.

This is an awful tragedy, and these pirates will pay for the crimes they’ve committed. But before we get to that. Since when do you put “Clinton” in the headline of a news article and have it refer to Hilary? Pfft. Yeah, yeah she’s the Secretary of State. So what. Bill was still technically the President of the United States, right? Technically. So, until Hilary is President, the one word “Clinton” referrals are reserved for Bill…

Back to these butthole pirates. Really? Pirates? I thought this was an Onion post when I first read it. This is 2011 people. Pirates don’t own the seas anymore. The government does. The military does. Right? Am I the naïve one here? Am I the idiot? Or is Hilary? She “condemns” the act? How bout sending some troops out there dressed up like that badass in the above picture and mop up these pirates? Isn’t that how it went down a couple years back… all at once, BOOM, three snipers simultaneously took out some band of pirates? Insult to injury. This article states that piracy costs the world economy up the $12 BILLION dollars annually. I’m not making this up.

I don’t know exactly how this is going to go down America, but this has got to stop. If you didn’t think this was real… it is now. Four of our own citizens were murdered, and their families are in mourning. I’m mourning with them, and our prayers go out to them… but I’ll be damned if it’s not time to get up off our asses and do something about these pirates. I don’t care who we send… the SEALS, the Marines, Iron Man or the whole Swiss Family Robinson… it’s time to act.

These pirates are right in front of us. How are we not acknowledging them with force? I feel like this story came out and all of America collectively looked around at each other like idiots… “Wait, there’s a guy on our team who dresses like a pirate?”


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