Coco Crisp DUI

Chex yourself, Coco, because you can’t dodge DUIs like you dodge haymakers. Musta left his Lucky Charms at home. CSN is reporting that the Oakland A’s outfielder was arrested last night for a DUI. Total disaster. Quit acting like a Froot Loop. First Miggie, now you. MLB commissioner Bud Selig probably has some Trix up his sleeve to discipline you. Swing and miss for Coco, a Special K at the plate. I guess that’s Life for a pro athlete… getting drunk and driving cars. Somebody should kick him right in the Grape Nuts.



(P.S. Cereal puns are the dumbest thing I’ve ever written and I give myself a grade of F on this blog. I award myself no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.)

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